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19.04.2009: Compatibility with CIA complex filtering rules has been achieved.
07.02.2008: Added kdevplatform to local checkout, and favicon, too.
20.06.2007: Regex filtering is now supported, and bouncing users are auto-disabled.
19.02.2007: Several changes related to forward file generation, hopefully no regressions.
19.02.2007: kdepimlibs was missing in local mirror, added now
23.11.2006: After way too much waiting, version 0.9.1 is released. The KDE instance moved to a new server (new.kstuff.org). No new features but many cleanups, and the local checkout for browsing is now encompassing all released KDE modules again.
04.11.2005: Sorry, there was a 3-day outage of the service. Works again.
02.06.2005: With most of the changes now done, welcome commitfilter.kde.org!
27.05.2005: OK, renamed to Commitfilter and upgraded to handle SVN commit mails and repositories.
07.03.2005: There are now pages for forgotten password retrieval and stats.
16.02.2005: WebCVS access has been fixed (it had a new format).
15.02.2005: The local qt-copy had to be removed, the server ran out of space :(
09.11.2004: Branch wildcard to match all exotic branches.
09.11.2004: Filtering by author is now possible.
24.10.2004: The CVSfilter service at kstuff.org/cvsfilter is now also accessible as cvsfilter.kde.org!
Along with it comes an update to make the service work more correctly and handle branches more effectively (version 0.3).
20.05.2004: Since 4 days, mail delivery from the KDE CVS server has been disabled due to 'excessive bounces'. I reenabled it, but such things can always happen. Sorry!
18.01.2004: Branch for KDE 3.2, and new feature notifications.
10.01.2004: Moved to kstuff.org.
13.09.2003: Added www, events.kde.org and kdepromo.
13.09.2003: Added kroupware_branch to kdepim and kdenetwork.

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