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>>>> KDE Commit Notification Filter <<<<

Commitfilter is a service for hackers and power users who want to stay up-to-date with regards to changes in some parts of the SVN, without either getting tons of mails (via a SVN commit mailing list) or getting infrequent and redundant information (via digested mails).

To register, simply login with a unique username and password, you will be offered registration if the name is not taken yet. Then configure your account (e.g. set your email address), and start subscribing to/unsubscribing from all the directories and SVN modules which are of interest to you.

If there's any problem, contact me. In case you have forgotten your password, resend it to yourself. If you receive copies from kde-commits and there's no mention of commitfilter in the mail, it might be that the hook script's own rules were triggered on svn.kde.org.

ChangeLog is now possible as well, on the changes page.

Have a look at the statistics if you're interested in how Commitfilter is used.

And of course, the sources are available as well.

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